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March 24th – 31st

Featuring: Kevin Benoit, Niko Wirachman, Johnny V and Skyy Knox.

In March, there’ll still be snow on the mountains – we’ll take you for a hike to enjoy the views. With the cherry blossom out on the trees in Retiro park, there’s no better month for a picnic.

As well as our tailor-made program, you’ll find Madrid abuzz with Easter celebrations; a great chance to see traditional Spanish religious processions around the city.

For the rest of us sinners, there are a ton of special clubbing and party events to make sure the long weekend is taken full advantage of.

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April 21st – 28th

Featuring: Jake Ashford, Bruno Álvarez, Jim Newman and Aitor González.

Who needs Paris in the Springtime when you’ve got Madrid? Warm summer days in the 70s mean it’s probably time to start taking shirts off.

As well as our tailor-made program, you’ll also catch the start of festivities surrounding the ‘Day of the Community of Madrid,’ with street art, performances and gigs around Malasaña.

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May 26th – 2nd June

Featuring: Josh Moore, Anthony Stefanelli, Rolando Vizcay and Ricky Roman.

Come to Madrid in May to start your summer with a blast! The streets are full of life with the San Isidro Fair – the most famous elite bullfighting tournament in the world.

June 23rd – 30th

Featuring: Diego Sans, Tal Rubin and Guilherme Rotta.

If you join us in June, as well as our tailor-made program, you’ll get to experience the start of Madrid’s Pride festivities – the best in the world! Expect long hot sunny days, with outdoor pool parties and bar crawls around Chueca part of our itinerary.

July 7th – 14th

Featuring: Brent Everett, Murray Swanby, Daniel Shoneye and Greg McKeon.

You’ll just catch the end of Madrid Pride if you join us in July, with the main parties in full-swing on the Saturday that you arrive! But don’t peak too soon – we’ve got a full programme of cultural, social and active events for you, from swimming in natural lakes to rooftop cocktails at the uber-gay Axel Hotel.

August 4th – 11th

Featuring: Alex Mecum, Jack Hunter, Kyle Goffney and Anthony Forte.

Madrid is hot in August, but our influencers are even hotter! We’ll make sure you stay cool by taking you to pool parties at hotel rooftops and idyllic natural lakes for relaxation outside the city.

You’ll see breathtaking art at world-famous museums (with air-con) and by the time it gets cooler at night-time, you’ll be ready to make enough heat of your own…

September 1st – 8th

Featuring: Miles Kennelly, Ryan Rose, Niko Wirachman and Ryan Carter.

September is a glorious month in Madrid. The long warm summer nights continue. Madrileño’s return from their holidays and there’s a sense of fun and anticipation in the air!

September 29th – 6th October

Featuring: Jake Ashford, Beaux Banks, Salvatore M, Brogan Fletcher.

It’s the start of autumn – a great month to explore all that Madrid has to offer. We’ll show you the best of Madrid’s gay social and party scene as well as discover the cities culture, gastronomy and history, with visits to galleries, award-winning restaurants and museums.

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Residents in Spain can join QueerPlans’ personalities in all trips to Madrid from March to October 2018 without accommodation booking.

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