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Discover the best cities in the world, make new friends, have fun and meet your Instagram crush in unforgettable weekend escapes hosted by LGBTQ+ international celebrities and local influencers.

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QueerPlans memberships will give you access to hundreds of LGBTQ+ international celebrities and local influencers and joining them in action-packed weekend escapes to more than a hundred destinations worldwide. Annual memberships start as low as 49€/year.


Choose your preferred destination(s) among more than a hundred major cities worldwide.


Select your favorite celebrity(/ies) and influencers.

Group age

Select the age of the participants in your trip(s).

There’s no limit in the number of trips, destinations or celebrities you can travel with while your membership is active. Weekend trips to all destinations in the world have a base price of 299€ and include all group activities with the hosting celebrity(/ies).

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